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How to choose men's leather shoes, the four principles of choosing leather shoes

How do male friends choose comfortable leather shoes?


A good pair of leather shoes brand, its appearance quality should meet the following requirements:

The leather upper has no light and dark scars, and the entire upper is bright in color. There is no cracked surface, pulp drop and discoloration. The surface of the leather shoe sole should be bright. No cracks and scars, full notches, no cracks, exposed lines and soft bottom core defects.

The length of the two soles of the leather shoes is exactly the same as the fat and thin. The length of the front and the height of the back are suitable for the shape of the foot. The uppers and soles are flat without any distortion.

The lower part of the main heel and inner toecap is hard. There is no softness when pressed flat with your fingers, the upper part is soft and elastic, and there is no hard pinch.

The heel distance is equal, the heel is flat, and the stitch size is even. Neatly nailed. Flat along the strip. The uppers, linings and soles of the shoes are clean and free of stains such as glue, paste, and wax.

1. size

Choose leather shoes on the principle of comfort. Generally speaking, it is better for the width to be fully expanded when the foot is stressed; for the length to not pinch the toes and not to slide the foot in the shoe when walking. In addition, the time to buy leather shoes is also particular. People have slightly swollen feet in the afternoon, so the size of the leather shoes purchased at this time is appropriate; if you try on the shoes in the morning, you should leave room for it so that you don’t wear your feet for a long time.

2. Breathability

Among the leather shoes, synthetic leather has the worst air permeability (it is easy to sweat and smelly feet when wearing it. Not only will the feet not stand for a long time, but the artificial leather on the surface will also fall off in small pieces). Generally, natural leather shoes have good air permeability, and pig leather is the best one, because pig skin pores are several times thicker than cowhide pores, and the pores are much larger, and sweat is easily discharged. But leather is not as beautiful as cowhide. One thing to add is: pigskin is generally used as the lining of shoes.

3. Style

Simply put, men's formal shoes are divided into lace-up style and simple style. The lace-up style is a classic formal style. In recent years, simple elastic leather shoes have also become the choice of formal wear. Whether it’s lace-up or simple, the current mainstream is a suitable shape that is neither sharp nor round nor flat. The leather surface should not be too smooth and eye-catching. The matte texture of the first layer of cowhide is best. If it is as smooth as lacquer, it is eye-catching. It was disqualified. Formal leather shoes must have a heel. The high-quality heels of men's formal shoes should be wooden. Of course, the bottom is lined with a rubber wear layer. Wooden shoes are lighter, stronger and less deformable. You only need to tap it with your fingernail. The wooden heel is hard and makes a tata sound, while the plastic heel is soft and the tapping texture is obviously different.

4. Leather

There are two types of leather uppers: smooth leather and reverse leather. Good-quality smooth leather shoes have uniform grain thickness, smooth and fine, no wrinkles and scars; uniform brightness and color, bright and vivid color, and no difference in lightness and darkness.

Press the leather surface with your fingers, and the wrinkles appear even and fine. After releasing the fingers, the fine lines disappear; the hand mold feels soft and smooth, full of elasticity, not stiff, and the thickness of the leather is even and moderate. Good quality reverse leather shoes, the surface is soft and uniform, the color is uniform, there are no thick long fibers and oil stains, no obvious wrinkles and scars, and the touch feel is the same as smooth leather shoes.

5. Are the leather shoes genuine leather?

Whether leather shoes are genuine leather has always been a topic that plagues Chinese people. The reason why leather is expensive is that it is natural, its intrinsic properties and raw materials are not easy to obtain, while imitation leather is based on its price, changes in surface effects, and special physical properties. And own the market. In some industries that pay attention to internal physical properties, such as shoemaking, ready-to-wear, leather has advantages over imitation leather: but some industries that do not require high internal physical properties, such as leather goods, handbags, furniture and sofas, etc., the imitation leather market is relatively large, and for some Counterfeit and shoddy products use fake leather to make shoes and then use genuine leather brands to despise it. This makes it uncomfortable to wear and airtight, and secondly, it has poor physical properties and is easy to break.

There are many leather shoes on the market. In order to reduce the cost, they usually use part of the leather and part of the imitation leather to make them together, or use a two-layer film (using PU as a mask on the two-layer leather. The air permeability is much worse) instead of real leather, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it on the main part. If it is a complete leather shoe, because of the natural nature of the leather, use better ones for the main part without disability, and for some secondary parts (such as the tongue and other parts that are not stressed), you will use a little less It is normal to do more handicapped ones, and it is also a good way to distinguish genuine leather from fake leather products. After all, you can't cut off other people's shoes to see if there is suede to distinguish!