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How to repair the leather shoes were scratched?

Leather shoes were scratched, wearing to go out to affect the image, do not wear it is a pity, the following will tell you a few ways to repair leather shoes scratches of small methods, together to learn it.

1. Apply the transparent nail polish to the scratch point, apply the shoe polish, and put it in a cool place to dry.

2. Take out the leather with a similar color to the leather shoes, cut the leather into a similar size, glue it to the cut leather, stick it on the cut opening, wait and paste it with the vamp, and get the stick to the choice shoe shop.

3. Prepare the shoe wax, drop the wax oil on the unrepaired place of the vamp, and scrape it flat to level with the vamp.

4. Apply the upper directly with shoe polish, wipe the scratches a few more times, and finally dry the shoes dry, but the scratches are easy to repeat, which need to be applied in time.

5. Prepare an egg shell and combine the egg white inside with the shoe polish. The shoe polish should be similar to the color of the shoes. After the fusion, smear it on the slip place of the shoes.