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How to choose leather shoes?

First, the choice of leather shoes must be suitable for their own feet, many people choose leather shoes will wear up very uncomfortable, that means that you choose a certain problem, we should pay attention to the width of the foot surface force can be fully expanded as the principle, the length of the toe does not clip is not the top shall prevail, the best leather shoes can hold a finger.

Second, we often ignore the importance of time in the purchase of shoes, we should know that people in the afternoon feet slightly swollen, this is the best time to buy shoes, if you buy shoes in the morning, then we must set aside the amount of spare, to avoid buying later will squeeze feet.

Third, when choosing leather shoes to pay attention to the different leather shoes, generally speaking, I suggest that you buy cattle leather shoes and pig leather shoes, because the leather skin and pig leather skin permeability is much better, in addition, do not buy leather shoes, this kind of leather shoes will cause foot sweat and foot odor.

Fourth, the quality of leather shoes will be very exquisite, especially the details we should pay attention to, we need to pay attention to the sewing needle size is uniform, the two shoes are completely symmetrical, if meet this standard, then that the shoes are excellent workmanship, comfortable to wear.

Fifth, the quality of leather shoes we also need to observe, we can put the toe toward oneself, and then the leather shoes flat on the counter, we should observe the sole front palm and the counter contact point is in the center of the front palm, if there is a deviation, wear on the foot is easy to occur side deviation, resulting in shoe deformation.

Sixth, now the leather shoes have a big business with low quality water skin fraud, we should pay attention to distinguish clearly, the method is very simple, generally speaking, good quality of smooth leather shoes, uniform particle thickness, and smooth is very meticulous, no wrinkles and scars.

Seventh, the quality of leather shoes sole is also very key, good quality leather sole, generally speaking, the room is bright and smooth surface, and the color of the sole is uniform, at the same time there will be no oil spots and stains and scars, uniform sole thickness, we can use our fingers to play, good sole sound crisp, hand mold feels very solid.